Lead Management

  • Multiple Addresses
  • Multiple Contacts
  • Notes
  • Lead History

Multiple Payroll Types

  • Commission Percentages / Commission Structures
  • Salary
  • Draw
  • Bonus
  • Loans
  • Hourly
  • Reibursements

Campaign Control

  • Custom Local Phone Numbers to Area You are Calling
  • Custom Email Per Campaign

Payment Processing

  • Credit Card Processing
  • ACH
  • Digital Check

Login from Anywhere

  • Cloud Based
  • Secure
  • Tracks IP address and Issues Digital Multi Key Authentication on every click

Advanced Search

  • Search by
    • Phone Numbers
    • Company Name
    • Addresses
    • Customer ID
    • Invoice Numbers

How it works

Exioite CRM+ is the first comprehensive tool that makes salespersons accountable in every aspect. Salespersons typically have zero accountability and are the leading cause of failing companies. Instead of imposing managements PNL viewpoint on salespersons, sales representatives dictate the priorities for their sales pipeline activities. The key benefit of this bottom up orientation is the salespersons performance of their bottom line metrics

Most CRM programs are glorified interactive notebooks with a calendar. Typically, the decisions to choose a sales lead source phone company vendor, fax server and phone system all require separate and distinct research projects. With Exioite all of those related sales business functions are incorporated and integrated into the CRM program.

The only decision a business will need to make is which high speed Internet provider to choose!

In short, Exioite CRM+ is the lead service, telephone company, fax service, email service and ultimate organizational tool all in one program.

Exioite CRM+ is a scalable sales process platform that integrates distinct selling functions into one unified, digital sales pipeline for sales and sales support personnel. Of particular interest to management is the transparency of all sales functions in real time. This eliminates the subjective nature of the monitoring and measurement of sales productivity by the sales force.

Besides being an “eye in the sky” for management it also provides the unshackling of sales personnel from unproductive duties. Such duties may include: compiling and/or uploading prospect lists, being put on the spot to explain their remote area code waiting to use a standalone fax machine, automatic updating of sales call notes by the automatic call recorder in real time etc.

Most exciting for management is the peace of mind they have in knowing that they do not have to “debug” the entire system for compatibility among: phone carriers, phone systems, fax servers,
Or lead lists providers!

Although our integrated program is robust with features, it is not overwhelming to comprehend and master.